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Mauritius Examinations Syndicate Mens Gerat Corpus - Let the mind manage the body


EDEXCEL - January 2019

Date:September 24, 2018|Domain:EDEXCEL IGCSE

​Entries details

EDEXCEL ICGSE/IAL May/June2018 Examinations

Date:February 12, 2018|Domain:EDEXCEL IGCSE

​Entries and Late Entries

EDEXCEL ICGSE/IAL January 2018 Examinations - Entries

Date:September 21, 2017|Domain:EDEXCEL IGCSE--Professional Examinations


EDEXCEL IGCSE/IAL May/June 2017 Examinations

Date:February 13, 2017|Domain:EDEXCEL IGCSE

​EDEXCEL IGCSE/IAL May/June 2017 Examinations